Company Profile

CHEMCO Industries, with over 25 years of manufacturing experience in Australia and Singapore, has become one of the world's leading Chemical Resistant Plastic Fan and Ventilator manufacturers.
CHEMCO has over time established a Sales and Service network in twenty countries. Joint ventures are successfully formed with partners from Australia, China, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Thailand, Singapore etc.
Strategic Development
CHEMCO is committed to Customer Satisfaction and continue to form Strategic Partnerships and Alliances with our partners and distributors to ensure that our customers are served effectively and efficiently throughout the world. CHEMCO is strategically positioned, having fully relocated its high technology manufacturing plant to China and Hong Kong in order to achieve its expansion programs and goals. Competent engineers are stationed in Hong Kong to provide the necessary support and service.
Testing and Certification
Our assembly, logistic and R&D centre at Dongguan has been certified in accordance to ISO 9001-2008 ensuring that all our products meet the highest standards of quality and each item is carefully inspected before shipment to ensure customer satisfaction. Our testing facilities are equipped with the latest state-of-the-art equipment and are accredited by AMCA (Air Movement & Control Association) in 2013. Dongguan Wolter Chemco is an AMCA member.
CHEMCO always strives to offer the best "value for money" and to maintain its primary objective of ensuring that all our products are safe, easy to use, whilst offering reliable quality with the latest in design technology, incorporating all useful and practical features, leaving the customers with superior products and service.The simple philosophy is knowing all customers and giving them what they want.......CHEMCO......naturally!